The face has the lens with the flash mounted above and to the right a minimum of 2. The award-winning business has a nationwide network of over stores, an industry leading website at www. The megapixel sensor captured a fair amount of detail in our outdoor tests, but subtle textures were indistinct and focus trailed off towards the edges of the frame. Top reads Invite a friend! The Mode button accesses a clutch of scene presets, with pride of place going to smile-detection.

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I was perfectly happy with the images I took in daylight and flash up to around 3 metres nikom also the various short movies, a good small camera available for a nikon coolpix s225 price. Start inviting your friends along!

With its 3x zoom range and no optical coolpux stabilisation, this camera doesn’t have the highest aspirations for image quality.

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Offering 10 megapixels, 2 more than its predecessor S 3 x optical zoom and a 2. Still, there’s at least a few minutes’ fun to be had here. Performance is on the slow side, taking nikon coolpix s225 seconds to switch on and shoot, and 3.

All of this punch is packed into nikon coolpix s225 small metalic design, weighing only g, and a playback inkon that can easily be viewed on the 2. Come along and join in the fun! The camera s22 sensible settings in dim lighting, but this sensor isn’t cut out for high ISO shooting, producing grubby pictures with smeared details.


That won’t bother most people too much, but those who like to capture three or four shots of a subject and pick the best one later will find it frustrating. The award-winning business has nikon coolpix s225 nationwide network of over stores, an industry leading website at www. Read more Reviews Compact digital cameras. However a small digital camera is something that can attract attention especially from a quality manufacturer coolpix Nikonthis unit is exclusive to Jessops.

Flash-lit shots often suffered from the same problems. With a heritage spanning back toJessops offers a complete solution for photography enthusiasts; from photographic s25 and accessories to photo printing and award-winning personalised gifts from Jessops Jpics, the household name is synonymous with excellent customer service, exceptional quality cooppix an unsurpassed nikon coolpix s225 for photography.

As stated it takes a while to find where various items are nikon coolpix s225 on the menu options screen as you may think but under the top left button with a green image of a camera on.

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Then you’ll automatically receive an email when someone replies! Nikon coolpix s225 reads Invite a friend! Dell OptiPlex A The Mode button accesses a clutch of scene presets, with pride of place going to smile-detection. Our current Free Prizedraw!! Do not include any HTML.

I’ve trying holding the button down ‘halfway’ then ‘the rest of the way’ but it nikon coolpix s225 seem to be working at all, If you like this article then why not link to it from your site!


The left side is clear and the nikon coolpix s225 side has only the wrist strap anchor point. In addition The Nikon Coolpix S lithium battery will last approximately shots, giving you more than enough time to s252 that perfect picture.

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Like most recent digital cameras this unit can also accept SDHC cards and should you take movies with it then this could be important.

Agree or disagree, or just have a question? Member prize-draws Real reviews – s2225 real people Membership is free Email nikon coolpix s225 of the weeks reviews Share your product feedback with others Keep in touch with all that’s new in gadgets Full of great ideas as the Christmas deadline looms! In movie mode there are four compression modes two at x and two at x A low nikon coolpix s225 for such a small, aluminium-clad camera, but its features, performance and image quality are all pretty basic.

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These are all the controls and because of this certain buttons have more than one task that can be a little confusing until you know your camera. The face has the lens with the flash mounted above and to coolpjx right a minimum of 2.

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