It Is Time That You Embraced Social Video for Your Video Marketing Endeavors

It Is Time That You Embraced Social Video for Your Video Marketing Endeavors

It is quite fair to say that in the near future, perhaps faster than most people think, video will achieve total domination of the digital space. According to Cisco, three years from now, about a million minutes in video content will be crossing the IP networks across the globe every second.

Without a doubt, people love watching videos. This is perhaps because an average human being processes visuals at a much faster pace – about 60,000 times faster than he would process text. Furthermore, human beings are likely to remember a video and connect with it emotionally that something we read.

By sharing videos online, a brand can inspire its fan base to share and comment, which increases engagement and gets your product or service message before many more eyeballs. In 2017, there is every indication that this trend will only become more entranced into our social systems.

Therefore, it would make sense for you to have a conversation with Gardner video production from Toronto about how you can use these developments to showcase your brand in the best possible light. There is no better way of getting people to talk about and embrace your brand than by using social video.

Social media is simply a brief content packaged in video form that is optimized for mobile devices and social networks. By design, it is created with the intention of appealing to a brand’s fanbase while reaching new audiences that would be interested in the kind of product or service that your brand sells. The main objective of social videos is to increase engagement through likes, shares and comments.

According to Locowise, a social networks measurement platform, when you share a video to 100 fans on Facebook, it will be watched by an average of 9 of your fans. Compare that to the six that would see a text only post, the five that will see a link post and the less than four that will see the post if it was an image.

Additionally, people tend to take action more when they watch a video than when they interact with your page through other types of posts. Therefore, there is a clear case that have been made for video marketing and every business entrepreneur that wants to achieve great results in today’s marketplace must incorporate this to their marketing strategy.

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