Aligning Paid Search Efforts With SEO: Why You Should Do It

Aligning Paid Search Efforts With SEO: Why You Should Do It

Search engine marketing has two functions: organic and paid. When you seek professional SEO services by Jumpfactor, one of the first things the company will most probably tell you is about the benefits of the organic function, but that does not call for us to discredit the paid function. Every best SEM campaign utilizes both of them for the best results. There are numerous reasons to align paid search with SEO. Here are some of them.

The landscape of the search engine result pages (SERP)

Just recently, Google made some significant changes in the way search engine result pages appear. For instance, it introduced paid ads on the right side of the screen of desktop PCs and moved them the top and bottom of organic results only.

This increased the number of paid results to four from the previous three, and this can significantly affect the search results. Therefore, you need to invest in AdWords if you ever want your website to appear at the top of the result page.

To appear for competitive keywords

Sometimes, it takes a while for an SEO to see the intended results, and this is one of their greatest frustrations. If your SERP has a big name, your competitors will always appear on the first page because of the priority keyword search phrase. So, investing in advertising might be the only way for you to show up on the first page.

To dominate the SERP

If your organic listing and ads both appear on the page for a relevant keyword search term, your brand gets noticed and established. The researcher will know that your site matches whatever they are looking for. This, in turn, gives you an upper hand when it comes to your competitors.

Access to data

SEOs like using Google Analytics and Google Search Console, however, these tools have their limitations. AdWords reporting enables you to access new data set which can be beneficial to both paid and organic campaigns. This data helps you to determine which keywords are driving leads and sales the keywords driving information. All this eventually generates organic traffic for any meaningful terms.

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