4 Simple SEO Tips You Might Have Overlooked

While search engine optimization requires a substantial amount of research and sufficient experience, even the best SEO specialists make small mistakes. Going over the simple tips and tricks every once in a while can be just as useful for the industry experts as it is for the amateurs in the field.

1. Check The Contact Information

Most website owners enter the contact information once at the building stage and forget about it for years to come. Meanwhile, phone numbers, addresses, and emails have a tendency to change. Updating the contact information is compulsory for successful marketing and customer feedback. Check external listings and directory websites to make sure all the information matches.

2. Go Over the Content

Does your website have sufficient content? Even if the content you have describes exactly what you need in a very concise manner, it might not be enough. Make sure to provide sufficient information to the existing clients/viewers as well as for the target audience. Some companies are afraid to sound too “salesy” and tend to reduce the amount of content in the “about us” and “why choose us” section. Failing to give the customers sufficient information to make them choose your company is a bad move. SEO expert Dmitriy from Toronto believes that the quality of content is meaningless without the right quantity.

3. Give Images The Right Names

Do the images on your website have names like 2017-07-07.125.jpg or image2.jpg? The image name and tags play a big role in search engine optimization, so failing to use this tool is a step back.

Consider using descriptive phrases when making up the image names. They necessary keywords will appear in the name naturally. Experts from Warsaw SEO Agency SEOwar.pl recommend that you go over the images and rename them so they don’t just look nice but help boost your rankings in the process.

4. Link, link, link!

Linking is compulsory for easy Internet use. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to use links in your website content. If you link to the right (authority) sites, you can even improve your website rankings. If you help your visitors by linking, you can help your reputation with the search engines. Smart linking allows your content to be respectable while helping you boost the ratings.

Be careful about choosing the links. Linking to poor sites can make people think that your website is not worth their attention. Meanwhile, Google might not rank your website high in order to prevent users from clicking a poor link.

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